Action Field Kodra 2010

kodra action field-2010

This year, closing a ten year circle of Action Field Kodra, retaining its original character with action KODRA FRESH as the core of the exhibition - with the participations of students or recent graduates of the School of Fine Arts - continues to give rise to a productive dialogue between young and mature artists working as a starting point for a blending and for creative collaborations.

For the tenth year after an adventurous journey with peaks and inflections, demonstrating visions of artists, art historians and theoriticians, art critics, curators, arts managers, camp Kodra was established in our cultural consciousness, as a space charged with accumulated memories and emotions, with a maturity, it has succeded and has become increasingly visible. It may be able to leave as a trace a very important study material and perhaps play a small part in the emerging local contemporary art scene, subject to any kind of questioning...



Duration : 3-12 September
Opening day : 3 September, 20:00
Visiting hours:
Sun - Thu: 20:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat: 20:00 - 24:00

KODRA FRESH curated by Nikos Mykoniatis.The central action of the Kodra Action Field with the participation of students or recent graduates of the School of Fine Arts.

IN THE BACKYARD OF KINGS and ΗΧΟΠΟΛΙΣ (SOUNDCITY) projects, curated by Eirini Linardaki-Vincent Parisot and Evi Baniotopoulou respectively and the multimedia performance “The shadow” by the group Realitaten Revue (Kirill Lorenz, Elio Wahlen and Ulrike Tuch) constitute the three international participations for this year.
IN THE BACKYARD OF KINGS evokes those days when dreams and life were one and the same. It is a show celebrating the myth of growing up, the sensation of time and its loss, the surprise before the marvelous. Eirini Linardaki and Vincent Parisot present here works and texts by both artists and non-artists alike: Fanny Allié, Michele Butchko, Marie de Brugerolle, Daniel Chust-Peters, Ronald Cornelissen, Henriette Desjonquères – Paul Fargues, Alain Domagala, Cedrick Eymenier, Bertrand Grosol, William Hartung, Hélène D’Hervé, Vlatka Horvat, Olivier Leroi, James Litston, Marion Mahu, Aleksandra Mir, Kirsten Mosher, Richard Nazario, Barbara Noiret, Nina Paley, Nikos Varytimiadis,Wang Du, Knutte Wester.
ΗΧΟΠΟΛΙΣ (SOUNDCITY), curated by Evi Baniotopoulou explores the ways and limits of our understanding, lived experience and imagining of the contemporary urban condition through sound art works by international and Greek artists and artist collectives.
Within the framework of ΗΧΟΠΟΛΙΣ (SOUNDCITY), the “sound stories” workshop by the artist Konrad Bayer will take place on Saturday 4th of September 2010 at the Municipal Theatre of Kalamaria Melina Mercouri at 1.15pm During the workshop Bayer will focus on techniques and concepts relating to the creation of sound art, drawing on his personal experience. The artists and the workshop participants will jointly produce a work, which will be presented at the next Action Field Kodra.

The Action ESCAPE FROM THE ATTIC, ESCAPE FROM THE CRISIS, THE SUPERIORITY OF THE INNER VISION, curated by Maria Kenanidou. Having the financial crisis as its background, introducing the participation of professors from the School of Fine Arts for the first time, intensifying their discourse with their students. Participating professors-artists: Stella Baraklianou, Giannis Fokas, Kyriakos Katzourakis, Haris Kontosfyris, Kyriakos Mortarakos, Xenis Sahinis, Giorgos Tsakiris, Babis Venetopoulos and the artist Petros Vrellis. The artists of this specific project, through the deposit of their maturity, in their works that are the distillation of their experience, put forth the need to redefine and re-orientate with a new vision through collective experience, so that the essential in art will be redeemed without formalistic, restrictive attitudes in perception, production, reception and interpretation. They suggest production instead of reproduction, a healthy reaction and challenge in order to ESCAPE from sterilization, indolence and inertia.

Coproduced by the Center of Contemporary Art of the State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki and the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Kalamaria.
The continuation of the Pictor workshop, a series of meetings and a cycle of open discussions on the subject: Exploring the familiar (I walk in the city when the city is not here).
Historians and writers, visual artists and academics, journalists and architects laid down their experiential relationship with the city of Thessaloniki, in order to outline its contemporary urban setting, to exchange opinions and thoughts, to share their experiences through a vivid and direct dialogue that stays out of scientific approaches.
The ultimate goal of the Pictor workshop: to function as a stimulus, a source of inspiration, a driving force for visual propositions, actions, interventions and utopian projects. Within the time that went by from the beginning of Pictor until today that the moment of the presentation and materialization of these propositions is here.

The ROLE PLAYING action, curated by Iason Kontovrakis, negotiates the human being as a form, a mask, a role. The individual as a part of society, part of a functional “whole”. Roles with definite specifications according to the needs of each era. Role models, symbolisms and stereotypes that define what is socially compatible. The public and the private life. The social role and the individual character. Are they two different worlds? The individual with unseen transformations as the day passes. By wearing different “hats” he becomes everything: a father, a husband, a lover, a friend, a worker, a consumer, someone successful, someone social, a loner, a social misfit…Roles that are not fake but in accordance to needs of the moment. A phenomenon beyond time and civilization. The many forms of an individual. The individual as a mask or masks to put it better, a reflection of society. The portrayal of an imaginary world, beyond the life we already know.

In the RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE action, Marika Konstantinidou, Morfi Dimitriou and Orestis Pangalos work as a team for the second time in Kodra, creating their own interventions: installations, environments in the Camp’s premises.

UN-PRIVATE ART Curators: Katerina Syroglou, Maro Psira Architectural Design: Tina Gountara Graphic Design: victwr (Victor Gountaras) Participating Artists: Plan C (Theodoridou Eva, Dedidis Nikos, Nikolaou Kostis), Giampoulntaki Zoi, Kolotsios Vagelis, Kountouras Christos, Mavridou Simela, Moschopoulou Eliza, Mpezirgianidou Chrisa and Paschalidis Kostas.
Collecting works of Greek artists that deal with the notions of the private and the un-private, in the age that tends to eliminate the once well-defined limits between private and public. Starting from the structure and layout of a residence, the artists undertake to process a familiar space, reconstruct it and transform its history, commenting on the penetratable wall construction and the refutation of limits in modern times. In these contemporary spaces, works of art are in prominence, which are “by nature” subjected to the eternal game of the vision.

ELATOMA (gallery Remezzo)
Gestalter: Haris Kontosfiris, Documentation of projects: Diona Leotsinidi, Logo design: Ioanna Mpitou.
Elatoma is a visual exhibition about how the adventure of winning and losing is daily written, the confrontation with the others’ look, so that we can reach in time our distant change. The defect, the drawback, the imperfection, the disability, the fault lead to discrimination, in which the individuals are exposed as a result of degradation or inability. Who is defective, and according to which criteria of normality? Is it the different, defective and incomplete? We regard the different as a self-evident truth and we propose a new notion of the defect, the misspelling of the advantage: elatoma.
Participating artists: Michalis Aggelidis, Elena Akyla, Dimitris Gakis, Stathis Gevrekis, Konstantinos Giotis, Alexia Karavela, Penny Koliopoulou, Grigoris Myriotis, Georgia Nikolaou, Aspa Papazisi, Nana Seferli.

workshop: Is this me?
By Lia Termatzidou, Gestalter: Haris Kontosfiris
En route from Kodra to the Remezzo gallery, the workshop of Lia Termatzidou unites notionally the festival to the exhibition ELATOMA, investigating the reformatory power of the other. Can the others shape our image? Lia Termatzidou photographs herself as the other and recommends to the other participants in the workshop to reconstruct, recreate her portrait with collage, over-painting and any other original medium. Concerning the question “Is this me?” a workshop is organized on the social being of the autistic individual who transforms into one that is exposed, rehabilitated, one that participates in society, in anything that constitutes man as a collective subject. The face becomes a portrait. The face is governed by the teleology of the portrait.

GALLERY YOUNG : Our city’s galleries present their new artists for the second time. Coordination: Maria Kenanidou. Participating galleries: TinT, Tsatsis Projects / Artforum Artis Causa, Container, Kalfayan Galleries, Lola Nikolaoy, donopoulos, Papatzikou, vlassis, Zina Athanasiadou, Dynamo Project Space, Romanou 7, tettix.

CC TV by Alfa Kilo

DISCUSSION PANEL Painting. Painting? Painting!
Coordinated and curated by Haris Savvopoulos. Speakers: Haris Savvopoulos, Apostolos Kalfopoulos, Areti Leopoulou. It seems that concerning painting, everything isn’t self-explanatory. The construction of a visual hallucinatory space, in which a painter depicts or records shapes and forms is not enough to define the essence of painting...

PSYCHOLOGY & ART workshop: “self portraits”
Coordinator / curator: Helena Tonikidi, psychologist -visual artist specialized in art therapy. The peculiarity of this visual workshop is that the participants are asked to draw oneself either symbolically or realistically, as they consider themselves to be and secondly as they believe others see them, that is the personal and objective perception of oneself. This way they are asked to further penetrate, using visual media, the retrospective and recognition of themselves. These double portraits may coincide, contradict or be diametrically opposed to each other. This whole procedure leads to self-knowledge, the goal of art therapy.
Lecture: Art-therapy (Municipal Theatre of Kalamaria Melina Mercouri with 10΄ introduction to art therapy by Helena Tonikidi, followed by a conference of Pavlos Vasileiadis, psychiatrist, NHS Director of the Psyciatric Hospital of Thessaloniki and scientific director of the Cultural Communication Unit of PHT entitled: “Art and psychosis: paintings of the mentally ill”.
Art therapy is a contemporary form of psychotherapy, with the basic tools of visual materials, it helps to gain self-knowledge and deal with psychological problems.

Aims at the promotion, evolution and spreading of modern culture and the communication of digital arts away from urban centers. The public will have the opportunity to watch projections of video art, animations as well as exhibitions of single channel video, video installations and digital image. This year’s thematic section “Feel Free to Feel Green” with environmentally sensitive works of all categories pertaining the broad relationship of modern Man and Nature. Electronic technology explores the parameters of the visual world. It climaxes in a liberated imagination offering artists an abundance of colors and a dizzying pattern of forms, textures, types and movements.
The group Realitaten Revue (Kirill Lorenz, Elio Wahlen and Ulrike Tuch) from Germany will present the multimedia performance “The shadow”.

...Colours of music
...Music of colours

A musical happening on the opening night, with instrumental music by the composer Giorgos Kazantzis, through its audio-visual representation imprinted on multiple cross-sections of levels in space. Soroco, Utopia waltz, Colors from Oia, Waltz of Silence… finally in their ν -dimensional space.
Violin: Kyriakos Gkouventas, Cello: Evi Kazantzi, Double bass: Dimitris Gouberitsis, Piano: Giorgos Kazantzis, Percussion: Thanos Kazantzis, Vocals: Alexia Hrysomalli

Maria Kenanidou
General consultant